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Intro to StitchFix: My First Fix

I got a new job this year that makes me want to step up my clothes.

The problem is that I want to be sassy and unique, but the only places I know where to shop are the places that everyone else shops!

Per a recommendation, I decided to try Stitch Fix. I had thought about trying a service like this before, but I think I panicked when it asked me what size clothes I wear and backed out.

Stitch Fix, and services like it, hook you up (virtually) with a stylist and send you clothes. You keep what you want, return what you don't. Pretty simple.

The Registration Process

Alright, so when you register, you do actually have to give them your clothes sizes. It's how they, you know, send you clothes that (hopefully) fit.

But after that, the process is very cool. They ask everything from what you're looking for (work clothes, casual, etc.), if you're into accessories, how adventurous you are in your style, and what your style is. For that last part, they show you photos of different styles and ask how you feel about them so they can get a feel for you. They also ask you how much money you normally spend on certain items.

Then, they ask you to make any notes of any upcoming occasions, or anything else you want them to know. For example, I told them that my engagement party was coming up.

I'm going to share this part now because it made me SO happy, but somebody actually read my note. And responded to it!
Talk about awesome customer service!

How it Works

After you've finished the registration process, you're ready to schedule your first "fix" as they call it.

You pay $20, they send you 5 items and that $20 goes towards anything you purchase. If you purchase all 5 items, you get a 25% discount.

You get an email when your "fix" is on its way and then you wait! My first box came within two weeks of registering.

The first thing I noticed was that the box came with a bag to ship the items back...very convenient.
The return shipping is free, you just have to figure out how to get the package to a mailman (sorry, mailperson) or mail delivery facility.

It comes with a nifty little paper giving you ideas on how to wear your new items as well.

From there, you just try on your clothes, decide what to keep, mail back what you don't like and give feedback! Pretty simple. The feedback is nice, too, because it asks questions to understand if it's the style, the fit, the price or what it is that didn't work for you. In terms of price, they stayed pretty true to what I said I'd spend.

The Results of My First Box.

And now we come to the exciting part...what came in my box and did I love it?!

Item #1: Necklace

I'm not going to get into the fancy names of the items. It was a necklace and here's how it looked:
The verdict? I think I'll keep it. It's cute and I don't have enough jewelry.

Item #2: Purple Dress

I loved this dress. I loved it so much...on somebody else. Frankly, I don't have the body for it. It's not flattering and the slit is very high. I'm pretty bummed because it was even super comfortable!
The verdict? Returning it ASAFP.

Item #3: Black Jumpsuit

Another one I loved! Great quality, fun, and would look great...on someone else. My fiancé really liked it, though. The problem is that it wasn't long enough in the torso so was causing some major wedgie issues! (Sorry to be crude)

The verdict? I don't know, I can't decide.

Update: I sent it back.

Items 4 and 5: Sweater and Jeans

I'm combining these because they go so well together. I can happily say that I loved both of these items. They feel great and look good. I am especially thrilled about the jeans because I often struggle with pants.

The verdict? Keep and keep.

Stay tuned for Fix #2!

Sports Etiquette: Is it Okay to Wear an Old Jersey to a Sports Game?

September is the best month of the year.

Baseball teams are in a race to the playoffs, football season is kicking off, and we even get a three-day weekend in there. The weather is still warm enough for night games, and not too hot for day games. So as you sports lovers are undoubtedly looking at your busy calendars deciding which games to watch, you've also got to consider your attire.

If you come from a big sports town, you know what I'm talking about. Take Denver, for example. If you've ever been to a Broncos game, you've probably noticed that wearing your team's gear is practically a requirement. The fans need to know: Are you for us, or against us? But at the price of tickets, not to mention the cost of your gear, jerseys aren't something most of us can buy every year. So the question is: Is it okay for me to wear an old jersey?

I don't mean old in terms of years, I mean old in terms of the player whose jersey you're sporting. Here are some hard and fast rules to go by when it comes to jersey etiquette:

WARNING: All references are to Denver sports figures.

  • Do they still play for the team? (Think Von Miller)

    • If yes, wear the jersey.
    • If no, continue to next question.

  • Are they still a part of the organization? (Think John Elway)

    • If yes, wear the jersey.
    • If no, continue to next question

  • Is their name on the jersey, or just number?

    • If number, wear it.
    • If name and number, continue to next question.

  • Do they play for another team? (Think Troy Tulowitzki)

    • If yes, trash the jersey.
    • If no, continue to next question.

  • Did they spend their entire career with the team? (Think Todd Helton)

    • If yes, wear it.
    • If no, continue.

  • Did they win your team a championship and then retire? (Think Peyton Manning)

    • If yes...duh, wear the jersey proud!
    • If no, next question?

  • Did they leave a legacy? (Think Rod Smith, Ed McCaffrey, Blake Street Bombers)

    • If most cases I'd say wear it. There are a few exceptions to that rule. (Think Carmelo Anthony)
    • If no, just get a new jersey, c'mon!

  • Last, but not least: ARE YOU EVEN WATCHING THE TEAM WHOSE JERSEY YOU'RE WEARING?! (Think Nuggets jersey at a Rockies game)

    • If no, under absolutely no circumstances should you be wearing that jersey. Not one.
Do you agree? Tell me what you think about old jerseys.