Reebok Floatride Running Shoes Review

Summer is over and the holidays are right around the corner. I know that you spent ages working on getting a summer bod you're happy showing at the pool, but winter is no excuse to slow down.

With the cold weather come holiday cookies, loads of mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie (mmm...pumpkin pie), and a lot of other heavy food we've done such a good job of avoiding.

My favorite way of balancing out those carbs is by maintaining a solid running routine. Thanks to Reebok, who provided me with a free pair of their new Floatride running shoes, I've been able to keep up that routine. As every runner knows, shoes can make or break your training...and shins...and feet...and knees. Here's what I thought about Reebok's new kicks:


The shoes run a little big. Since your feet swell when you run, you may have gotten into the habit of buying shoes 1/2 size big, don't do that with these shoes. I wear a 7 or 7.5, depending on the brand and purpose of the shoe, but running and soccer shoes are always an 8. My Reebok Floatrides were a 7.5 and the perfect fit. They're a little big when I just put them on or when I'm just walking and that's exactly what you want in a running shoe. During and after my run, they fit just how I needed them to. The ultraknit upper probably plays a big part in that.

So buy your true shoe size, not your running shoe size.


The first thing I noticed was the support. My arch and heel felt really good right off the bat. That ultraknit upper that I had mentioned before played a big part in the comfort. The fabric stretched and eased the immediate discomfort on the outer part of my foot that I usually feel in a running shoe. If you have thin feet, the laces will tighten you up in the middle part and arch of your foot, but I can't speak to the front of the shoes (balls of feet and toes).

The most noticeable thing after putting them on was the weight. They're very lightweight, but still provide a soft cushion to absorb the impact of running. This has always been a problem area for me because when it comes to running shoes, I feel like I have to decide between light and less-supportive shoes or bulky, but supportive.


The shoes have been very breathable, which is important to me. As far as comfort when running, I had pretty high hopes, but still felt some pain on the outer part of my foot when I ran long distances. As a reference point, I've gone on long runs with some other shoes and had to stop because the pain on the outside of my foot was so bad.

The discomfort that I often feel when doing long runs was definitely not as bad as many other shoes feel, but also wasn't the painless run I was hoping for after my initial, short-run experiences in the shoe were.


I don't have enough miles on the shoes to give a fair opinion on the long-term durability.

My one concern in terms of durability is with weather. If you're running outside in the elements, the fabric is so light and breathable that your feet will be soaked if you run in the rain and snow. Yes, I know that running shoes aren't a replacement for snow boots and these guys will definitely require some protection.


Alright, alright, you want to feel comfortable, run for miles and miles and look good. That's a lot to ask, people!

They're cute, for running shoes. You're not going to wear these things to the club, and you shouldn't! If I can give you one piece of advice, it's to save your running shoes for running. You can find flashier shoes and my brother did ask me if they were orthopedic shoes, but I'd rather have a comfortable run than make a fashion statement.

Side note: My brother and I take every opportunity we can to tease each other, so take his comment with a grain of salt.

My Overall Conclusion

Running shirt courtesy of Reebok
Do it. I understand that we all become loyal to certain brands, or certain shoes. But times are a-changin' and if you're brave enough to try something new, the Reebok Floatrides are a safe bet. At worst you'll have a shorter-distance running shoe that isn't going to give you shin splints. At best, you'll #FeelTheFloatRide right across the finish line of your next big race.

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